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Sora no Woto Episode 10

While Sora no Woto is almost finished, I felt that I actually had enough material to post now rather than later. So if you haven't watched up to this episode yet, please be aware of SPOILERS.

This episode was pretty much all about Sergeant Major Kazumiya Rio. As such, all pictures will be of her. d: But really, she had so many screenshot-able pictures it isn't funny. I picked the ones I thought I liked the best, but there are a bunch more in the episode. Anyway, in this episode, we finally get the climax of the mini-plot that was building up for the past couple episodes. We find out that she is actually the younger half sister of the girl that saved Kanata in the beginning of the series! *shokku!* And that she's the illegitimate daughter of the emperor of the state! *more shokku!!* Actually, this episode and the episode about Filicia's past were the most interesting ones and definitely propelled this series way above expectations. I thought Sora no Woto would go the route of slice-of-life series that just happens to be during a war. Luckily for me, it didn't. Hooray~

Besides being a big plot episode and making me appreciate it more, this episode also delivered to me something I wasn't expecting but was hoping for. And that was... Rio actually wearing her uniform! :D :D :D That made me happier than you will ever know. In fact, I was so happy, I ended up picking the screenshots that have her in uniform rather than any of the ones that are actually about the plot. >_> Well, let these pictures serve as my good-bye, as I really have nothing else to say. See ya next time! :D

Rio's perplexed look is great. XD

I spent forever trying to get the textless screenshot, but the video was stupid and I kept missing. T_T

She looks so cool in her uniform! *squeeeeee!!!*

Rio's neutral face is also nice~

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