Yuri Level of the Day!

Today's yuri level is:

2, until I find out otherwise

Tales of Vesperia

Before getting started, I just want to preface this post with the fact that I have, unfortunately, not played this game. All knowledge comes from the walkthrough videos up on YouTube. Dammit, why is there no Japanese audio?! These were recorded by someone I don't know, so all knowledge for anything I say comes from YouTube user leonyasch! Thank you, kind sir! I will not post any videos as a courtesy to him; go look them up yourself! But anyway, the version used in the walkthrough was the Xbox360 one, so no Patty and no Flynn in the party. How sad. *sarcasm* I would also like to say that this will contain spoilers. If you have not yet played the game or are playing it currently, please do not read this and then complain about how I spoiled things for you. I realize that I am at an unfair advantage, only watching the walkthroughs, but I don't have an Xbox. Or a PS3. So, I will not be able to get or play this game for a good long while. SO NO FLAMING. GOT IT? GOOD. Now then, on to the post!

Kimi ni Todoke

"They say if you look in her eyes for more than three seconds, you'll be cursed!"


I suppose I should do something on this blog, right? So here comes the first anime review!

Needless (animated by Madhouse)

I have no idea how I started watching this. Knowing me, I probably saw screenshots of the ending animation and was all, 'YURI!' But it was a lie! It's just fanservice! T_T But that comes later.

Free Time!

So, now that this blog has seen its first 10 hours, it's time for me to write something relevant! What this really means is that I suddenly have time to try to update this blog. Let's go!

In an attempt to follow some ideas of other anime bloggers, I have decided to have a list of things I'm following, which is helpfully on my sidebar somewhere above the fish. But I feel that I should give you very few readers a list of things I have already seen/read so that you know what my tastes are that is, if you haven't already figured out the title. This list will grow as I add things, too. To make things simpler, [Anime] means that I have probably also read the original/spin-off manga of these works, if applicable. Anything with a * means I have only watched some episodes or have not been able to finish that series yet. [Manga] means I've read them/focus on the manga rather than the anime. This list excludes anything extremely mainstream (DBZ, Pokemon, Naruto, etc.) unless I accidentally put one there. The list is in no particular order at the moment, but that will change! Someday. Now, with no further ado, SUTAAATO!


First of all, congrats for finding this!

Second of all, welcome to Supaa Raburii 百合 Attaku! This will probably be a very obscure blog, and... I should just tell you what this will be about, huh? ^-^;; SRYA is Suraki's blog for all things that interest her. In anime. And manga. And games. And just about anything except real life, because real life sucks. T_T Anyway! This'll be my first blog by myself (you can find me with my friends at Midnight Sugar Productions), so hopefully I'll be able to stick with ittttt! I can do itttt!

Pointlessly bad joke aside, welcome~!