Yuri Level of the Day!

Today's yuri level is:

2, until I find out otherwise

Spring 2010 Impressions: K-On!!

I'm approaching the end of my spring term before summer starts, so it's been incredibly busy over here. Unfortunately, that means all my anime watching has ground to a stop, and I was only able to start watching K-On!! today. (Please note the presence of two exclamation points. That makes all the difference when differentiating between series. See Mahou Sensei Negima!, Mahou Sensei Negima!?, and Mahou Sensei Negima!!) Even then, I've only been able to see the first episode, so everything in this post is based on the first episode and the parts of the manga that are relevent to this episode.

For Love and Justice, We Will Punish You~! ♥ Part One

(The post got too long, so I'm splitting it into parts.)

It's a lovely day outside. Birds are singing, school just ended, and generally, life is good. Well, you had a weird dream last night, but you've managed to forget what it was about after the school day. Your friend(s) are all at their club activities, so you decide to go home, change out of your uniform, and go romp around with the neighbors. Except... What's this?! You've found something weird! You:

A) Run away. It could be a bomb!
B) Ignore it. Some kid must've dropped it and will be wanting it back later.
C) J-j-j-jam it in! Are too busy thinking about sex food to worry about things on the street.
D) Pick it up. People shouldn't litter! It's just a hurt animal/stuffed toy/weird toy anyway.

Click the link to see the paths for each answer.

Geeky As Charged 6

I was walking back to my dorm today, and what would pass me but a Geeky As Charged! It's been a while since I've had one of these, actually. I must be doing tamer things than I thought, recently. Anyway, I passed these two pretty girls on the sidewalk, and I swear, one of them looked exactly like Kitagawa Keiko-san. Don't know who that is? Well, I hear that she was in the Fast and Furious Tokyo edition, but I know her as Sailor Mars from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

And I just spazzed out and took 77 screenshots of her and Komatsu Ayaka from episodes 40 (a.k.a. the Everyone-Has-Fun episode) and 47 (a.k.a. the ZOMG-REAL-ANGST episode). I couldn't pick out any specifc ones that I liked, so go check them out here. Also, some of those pictures include Komatsu Ayaka (Sailor Venus), who is also very pretty and is Rei's top. I need to do a post about them sometime... But anyway. That's it for today's GAC! The Magical Girl post is coming along... and getting bigger and bigger. I might need to separate it, actually. ^_^;; Hopefully not though, 'cause I like to make one post rather than separate posts, which is why I usually do overall season reviews rather than one review per episode. Some episodes defy that trend, though... Anyway, see ya next time!

GRAAAAAAAAR and the Awesomeness of Mahou Sensei Negima

As with the last post, please refrain from continuing if you have not read the latest chapter (285) and care about being spoiled. If you have read the latest chapter and don't care, onward ho!

FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!

So, April Fools' is over. I'm sure everyone could guess which of those three points I put in the earlier post was a lie, but actually...

They all turned out to be lies. I'm so happy! April Fools' is a great day. :D

Oh, and for something actually related to yuri, at least a little bit, I'm working on a post about magical girls. We'll see how much yuri infiltrates. But till then, I'm going to be enjoying my HxB 6, my Sasameki Koto chp. 31, and not moving to Canada. See ya next time!

Oh, and in honor of the new HxB, have these pics:

I wish I was savvy enough to find HxB fanart... And wasn't lazy.



It's April Fools' Day. You know what that means?

1. Hayate x Blade is not going to come in the mail. SHIT.

2. FUCK YOU, DYNASTY SCANS. I LOVE YOU BUT I HATE YOU. At least release the next chapter tomorrow... Please? T_T

3. I'm moving to Canada.

If you don't know who Hard Gay is, make sure no one's around and check out his vids. (Seriously. Not safe for work guys.)