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2, until I find out otherwise

Geeky As Charged 6

I was walking back to my dorm today, and what would pass me but a Geeky As Charged! It's been a while since I've had one of these, actually. I must be doing tamer things than I thought, recently. Anyway, I passed these two pretty girls on the sidewalk, and I swear, one of them looked exactly like Kitagawa Keiko-san. Don't know who that is? Well, I hear that she was in the Fast and Furious Tokyo edition, but I know her as Sailor Mars from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

And I just spazzed out and took 77 screenshots of her and Komatsu Ayaka from episodes 40 (a.k.a. the Everyone-Has-Fun episode) and 47 (a.k.a. the ZOMG-REAL-ANGST episode). I couldn't pick out any specifc ones that I liked, so go check them out here. Also, some of those pictures include Komatsu Ayaka (Sailor Venus), who is also very pretty and is Rei's top. I need to do a post about them sometime... But anyway. That's it for today's GAC! The Magical Girl post is coming along... and getting bigger and bigger. I might need to separate it, actually. ^_^;; Hopefully not though, 'cause I like to make one post rather than separate posts, which is why I usually do overall season reviews rather than one review per episode. Some episodes defy that trend, though... Anyway, see ya next time!

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