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For Love and Justice, We Will Punish You~! ♥ Part Three

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Welcome back to another installment of the Magical Girl Series. Today, we're only going to talk about Gathering the... Stuff and Keeping the Identity Secret, so that I can try and keep my brain intact for finals.

Gathering The... Stuff

So you've finally finished with the Standard Gear for Magical Girls Kit and have chosen your Magical Costume. Now what? Well, now you have to learn why, exactly, you are a Magical Girl in the first place. And that reason is to Gather The... Stuff. What is The Stuff? The Stuff is whatever collectible Items of Magical Destruction that has been unleashed on an unsuspecting world by you or some other evil force. The Stuff comes in many different shapes and sizes, which is why, rather than calling it 'Gathering The... Cards/Orbs/Jewels/WhateverTheHellItIsTheyHaveToFindInPreCure' or 'Gathering The... Items of Magical Destruction,' I just use the collective term 'Stuff.' As a Magical Girl, it is inevitable that you will have to Gather Stuff at some point in time. There are some Magical Girls whose quest is to save the world; however, they, too, will try to Gather some Stuff sooner or later. Half the time, Magical Girls with saving the world quests have to Gather all The Stuff in order to save the world. Depending on how long you want your season to run, and how good of a Magical Girl you are, it can take a long time for you to Gather the... Stuff. If you happen to have a long season, chances are you will have to gather around 50 or so Stuff. If you're a pretty awesome Magical Girl, it is possible that you could have a shorter season fo 13 or 26 episodes, with a lot of capturing done in the gap between episodes. Whatever The Stuff you have to Gather, just remember: You can't quit. At all. So make sure you're really sure you want to catch the first of The Stuff, otherwise you'll be stuck in a shitty job.

Keeping the Identity Secret

Keeping the Identity Secret is actually an optional selection that doesn't cost money!. While it's certainly easier to Keep the Identity Secret, in most cases, the only problem that will happen is that the enemy will figure out who you are and then you might have to watch out for ambushes. Otherwise, being revealed doesn't have any real, terrible effects such as losing your powers for ever and ever and ever. (That only happens if you lose your transforming device.) If you're lucky, there will be a magical face recognition inhibitor in place, so even if you look exactly the same in and out of your Magical Costume, no one will be able to recognize you. If you don't have that effect, I would suggest using masks or fighting from high in the air and far away so that your opponent can't make out facial features.

And that's really all I have on Magical Girls. If I think of anything else, I'll make another post, but, as it is, that's the end of it. I'll be finished with finals in about a week and a half, so expect to see me two weeks from now. Probably. See ya next time!

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