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GRAAAAAAAAR and the Awesomeness of Mahou Sensei Negima

As with the last post, please refrain from continuing if you have not read the latest chapter (285) and care about being spoiled. If you have read the latest chapter and don't care, onward ho!

Negi is becoming more and more of a Marty Stu. It's actually becoming slightly annoying. I mean, at least make him 12 before you super bad ass upgrade him please? 10 year olds shouldn't have that kind of power. I say, completely ignoring the fact that Nanoha created Starlight Breaker and she was one year younger.

Anyway. This chapter is awesome for many reasons, one of them not being Negi. Here's a quick summary. We find out for sure that yes, the inhabitants of the magic world are, indeed, illusions. BigBaddy!Fate has decided that he might as well just eliminate everybody as well as the Magic World. And then we find out that Negi's Pimp Powers are still working perfectly. Even though he's 10. Afterwards, Negi goes to talk to the Eva-in-the-Scroll about his runaway powers and encounters...
Eva, have I ever told you how awesome you are? You're pretty awesome. Bad Ass, in fact. Also, is that an NES you're playing? And is it Mario? I wish Akamatsu-sensei had drawn it in more detail, but he'd probably get copyright trouble...
XDDDDDDDDD Gotta love Eva. Though I wish she wouldn't appear naked and playing video games in the middle of my astro class... >_>

What's that? You don't know who Eva is? Oh, that's right, I didn't include her in my previous post... Well, as an apology, she's the only character I will introduce in this post! :D That'll come after the chapter summary, so stay tuned!

Now, where was I? Oh, yes. Negi opens the scroll and poof! There's Eva! She explains that the technique she passed down, the Magia Erebea, was originally only for her use, so of course a mere human like Negi wouldn't be able to control it. The only possible way is for him to not become human. In other words, she says that he has to embrace it and make it his own. Actually, the latest chapter in Naruto is something like that too... She forces the transformation and then makes Setsuna and Kaede fight him. This is where it gets awesome. Well, not for Setsuna and Kaede, but just the fight scene in general. We also get reacquainted with the idiots who got them into the whole mess in the first place. FUCKIN' GIRLS. Poor Akira, that she has to suffer with them... We also see the beginning of the epic Nodoka x Yue talk, which makes me hopeful for more subtext. Forget about Negi, Yuedoka all the way!!! And it ends. Once again, Akamatsu-sensei, you kill me with your cliffhangers. Now, onto the chara profile!

Evangeline Athanasia Kitty MacDowell
Evangeline is a 500+ year old High Daylight Walker. In other words, she's a vampire. And she's around the same age as Touhou's Remilia... There needs to be more pictures of these two together. Must... Not... Write... Fanfiction...! She was turned on her 10th birthday, which gives her the permanent appearance of a child, unfortunately. (Unfortunately because Adult!Eva is hot.) As a regular vampire, she was not able to live a normal life. Cast out of the normal world and unwelcome in the magical, she did what she needed to survive. Eventually, she became known as the Dark Evangel. She has a lot of other names as well: Undead Mage, Puppet Master, Advent of Evil, Apostle of Calamity, Demon Lord of Darkness, Gospel of Darkness, Maga Nosferatu, The Girl Queen of Darkness, The Visitation of Woes, and The Disciple of Dark Tones. (About half that list is from wiki, the other I confirmed in the scans of chapter 181, page 9. Of course, if the translation is accurate or not is a different question...). She has an ice affinity and rather than chanting in Latin, as Negi does, she does so in ancient Greek, showing her age. (I say it shows her age as, I assume, Latin had become the standard in Western incantations after the schools were formally standardized. Further evidence is that BB!Fate also incants in ancient Greek and he's the third clone of some powerful mage... Or it could be the level of the spell itself. >_>) She is also a Doll Master, as you might have noticed from one of her titles. Her main doll is Chachazero who can't actually move unless there's a lot of magic supplied. Her ministra (partner who protects the mage) is Chachamaru, a magical robot built specifically to serve Evangeline. About... twenty years ago? She encountered the Thousand Master Nagi Springfield, Negi's dad. She developed a crush on him and followed him around for a few years. Then he sealed her at Mahora Academy when her guard was down. Nagi tailored the spell so that Eva would have barely any magic and only he would be able to break it, which would've been fine... If he hadn't disappeared soon after. So she's been stuck at Mahora for fifteen years, staying in a class for a couple of years before dropping back to 8th grade as she doesn't age. She becomes the advisor and sometimes direct teacher for a lot of people, namely Negi, Asuna, Kotarou, and I'm assuming Setsuna... at least a bit. Most of the training takes place in her pocket dimension that she can change at will. At the moment, it seems there are two of her; she sealed a part of herself in the scroll with the Magia Erebea while she herself is still stuck in Mahora. I hope she's able to leave at the end of it all...

Wow, longer post than I expected it would be. That's it for this post! I'm still working on the Magical Girl post. It might end up being my longest post ever. I've hit writer's block with it, though, so you might not see it till the end of April... >_> Well, see ya next time hopefully in the Magical Girl post!!

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