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Spring 2010 Impressions: K-On!!

I'm approaching the end of my spring term before summer starts, so it's been incredibly busy over here. Unfortunately, that means all my anime watching has ground to a stop, and I was only able to start watching K-On!! today. (Please note the presence of two exclamation points. That makes all the difference when differentiating between series. See Mahou Sensei Negima!, Mahou Sensei Negima!?, and Mahou Sensei Negima!!) Even then, I've only been able to see the first episode, so everything in this post is based on the first episode and the parts of the manga that are relevent to this episode.

As an anime sequel, I'm actually a little disappointed with K-On!! Sure, the animation's great, the opening sequence is amazing, and the seiyuu are all as they should be, but I felt the storyboard was choppy. In fact, it's more like the 4-koma manga with how it jumps from scene to scene. K-On! was a smoother in comparison. (Please note that I am holding these two in comparison to the ultimate 4-koma anime adaption, Azumanga Daioh.) Well, it's not anything that'll make me stop from watching it, at any rate. Let's move on to what I really want to talk about: the music.

As K-On! and K-On!! are about a light music club, particularly a light music club that is apparently playing well, it's important that the music be at the very least good. Which it is. And since I can't bash the music, I'll have to settle with comparing first and second season openings and endings.

This is the K-On! opening, Cagayake! Girl.

This is the K-On!! opening, Go! Go! Maniac.

As you can see, the animation has really stepped up from the first season to the next. I like the laurels 3-D elements particularly. Music-wise, I feel like it's moved away from the pop element; it isn't as happy sounding, and you can hear how it matured from something younger girls would sing to something older girls might sing.

K-On! Ending, Don't Say Lazy!.

K-On!! Ending, Listen!!. Skip to 1:36 unless you want to watch my favorite idol dance.

Again, KyoAni has really stepped up the animation. As for the music... Well, frankly put, Listen!! reminds me of some 60s music. It also has a lighter feel than Don't Say Lazy! which reminds me of some indie or hard rock music. I was kinda sad that they didn't go with a motif like Don't Say Lazy!, but I can't say that I don't like Listen!!. In fact, it's growing on me as I listen to it while writing this post.

But what I like most of K-On!!'s ending is Mugi's style. Nice sailor hat you got thar.

That's all from me. I think one more Magical Girl post, and I should be done with the series. See ya next time!

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