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For Love and Justice, We Will Punish You~! ♥ Part One

(The post got too long, so I'm splitting it into parts.)

It's a lovely day outside. Birds are singing, school just ended, and generally, life is good. Well, you had a weird dream last night, but you've managed to forget what it was about after the school day. Your friend(s) are all at their club activities, so you decide to go home, change out of your uniform, and go romp around with the neighbors. Except... What's this?! You've found something weird! You:

A) Run away. It could be a bomb!
B) Ignore it. Some kid must've dropped it and will be wanting it back later.
C) J-j-j-jam it in! Are too busy thinking about sex food to worry about things on the street.
D) Pick it up. People shouldn't litter! It's just a hurt animal/stuffed toy/weird toy anyway.

Click the link to see the paths for each answer.

You picked A.

That's a good idea... if you're in the middle of a war zone. But you aren't, and instead get run over by a car since you didn't look both ways before running into the street.

You picked B.

Well, you won't get a Good Samaritan award, but at least you live. For a little while. Then you're apathetic attitude offends some gang member and you get beaten up and die of internal injuries.

You picked C.

Congratulations! You've walked into a hentai game. Please make your purchase at the far counter. Thanks for the business! You go home and eat, but in your haste to fill your belly, you choke and die.

You picked D.
Achievement unlocked: Good Samaritan Award
You pick up the hurt animal/stuffed toy/weird toy and bring it to the vet/your house/your neighbors house. Now you can go play! Just as you turn around, though, some weird light/wind erupts from behind you. You turn and...
Achievement Unlocked: Attained Magical Girl Status
You find that you actually have magical powers and must use them to save the world!

>Save and Continue
>Save and Quit
>Continue without Saving
>Quit without Saving

So you've finally become a magical girl, just like the ones you see on T.V. But before you go out gathering the... stuff you need to save the world, you must first check your gear. When going on a quest, it is important that you have all you need with you, else you might get stuck on a high cliff with no way out except to die because you forgot your escape rope. Have no idea where to start? Luckily for you, there's a Standard Gear for Magical Girls Kit!
Found Item: Standard Gear for Magical Girls Kit

Now then, let's see what's in this sucker, ne?

Standard Gear for Magical Girls Kit
Magical Mascot
One of these pictures is not actually about a Magical Girl. But he looks like one, so... There ya go.

The first thing you need to get is a Magical Mascot. The Magical Mascot is a must for any Magical Girl. Unless you live in a place where magic is well established, which almost never happens, the Magical Mascot is on hand for the much-needed exposition factor... And to tell you how the hell you use your magic. It is important to keep your Magical Mascot with you on hand at all times... No matter how much you want to chop them in half at times. And since they're Magical, they probably wouldn't be dead for long anyway.

Magical Weapon of Mass Destruction
If you're lucky, you get a real weapon, like... A Wrist Watch.

You can't be a Magical Girl if you don't have your Magical Weapon. The Magical Weapon can take on many forms, most popular of which is a Staff. Typically, the Magical Weapon is what you channel your magic through. There are, of course, exceptions, depending on which universe you are in. Lately, it seems like energy shots from the body itself rather than a Magical Weapon are growing in popularity...

Normal Best Friend
Magical Rival
I'm probably reusing images, but I'm too tired to go looking for better ones.

In order to be a good Magical Girl, you need at least a Normal Best Friend, if not a Magical Rival. Luckily, you get to choose, and if you get the special upgrade, you can get both! Disclaimer: Just because you get the upgrade does not mean that one or the other will not get shafted. That depends on your treatment of the character(s). This position is important for a Magical Girl in that it gives her an outlet for stress. With a Normal Best Friend or a Magical Rival, a Magical Girl can relax for a bit, even under the pressures of Saving the World, Gathering the... Stuff, and, most importantly, Keeping the Identity Secret. Of course, how the Magical Girl in question uses each as a stress reliever is up to the Magical Girl. Since most are young, they have fun with the Normal Best Friend and abuse the Magical Rival. Usually. When picking a Normal Best Friend or a Magical Rival, it is of the utmost importance that you do not pick someone who is Inherently Evil. That path leads to the dark side. Or a freakin' good series, but the logistics of that are rather long-winded. But what if you can't choose one or the other, want both, and are too cheap to get the upgrade? Read on!

Magical Flunkies Partner(s)
Yes, I did just do that. プリキュア!

Sometimes the Magical Mascot determines that you, the Magical Girl, need allies! This is where the Magical Flunkies Partner(s) come(s) in! With your combined power, nothing can stand in your way! In fact, the only thing the Magical Girl Group can't defeat together is the Big Bad, because everyone knows that only you, as the Magical Girl, have the ultimate power to defeat Evil! The Magical Flunkies Partner(s) position(s) is/are special in that you need to fulfill two criteria. First, they should have the initial status of Normal Best Friend or Magical Rival. Then, with the intervention of the Magical Mascot, they convert to become a Magical Partner. How do you know if someone will become a Magical Partner? Well, the selection is random, but if a new episode focuses on a particular character that is not you or the Magical Mascot and is around the same age for more than three minutes, that's your new Magical Partner.

You shake the box.... Looks like that's all that's in it. Before you go adventuring, make sure you digest all of this information. What that means is 'Wait for the next post!' See ya next time!

>Save and Continue
>Save and Quit
>Continue without Saving
>Quit without Saving

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