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2, until I find out otherwise


I suppose I should do something on this blog, right? So here comes the first anime review!

Needless (animated by Madhouse)

I have no idea how I started watching this. Knowing me, I probably saw screenshots of the ending animation and was all, 'YURI!' But it was a lie! It's just fanservice! T_T But that comes later.


Some time in the future, World War III has occured. Nuclear bombings have left 'Black Spots,' one of which is conveniently located in the middle of what used to be Tokyo. These Black Spots are barren places where nothing grows, but people still live there anyway. Essentially, it has become the Wild West of the world, with really only business to keep things going, and little to no real authority. Along with these Black Spots, the bombings have also apparently given people certain powers called 'Fragments.' If a person has one of these Fragments, they become a 'Needless.' Also conveniently, most, if not all, of the Needless live in the Black Spots. A supposed pharmaceutical company, Simeon, has decided to take over the Black Spots for nefarious purposes that were probably explained and which I don't know because I was too busy fantasizing about the yuri to remember. Of course, the people in the Black Spot value their freedom and so they fight back. In the Tokyo Black Spot, the Resistance is the largest group opposing Simeon. Of course, being the final boss bad guys that they are, the Resistance is utterly destroyed... Except for one boy. The series follows this kid, Cruz Schild, as attempts to get vengeance for his dead sister.


Right then, now that the explanations are over, let's go!

At this point in time, Needless is only up to episode 20, so some things might change. So far, though, this I have to say: do not watch this if you're in it for the plot. Or rather, be ready for lots of side trips. I would categorize this series as being comedy first and foremost, drama almost last. I mean, sure, there's a storyline. It's hidden behind the fanservice, but it's there. In fact, it really only comes out after most of the girls have been relegated to bystanders (thus securing my idea that fanservice hides plot). Despite this, the story can be seen as decent. I wasn't focusing on that, though. There are really only two 'positive' (meaning that they don't absolutely suck) elements: the aforementioned comedy, and the fanservice.

I happen to like the jokes in Needless. Sure, they're stupid, and they happen pretty randomly, but somehow, they still make me laugh. And really, they make up about 40% of the show, so there's no avoiding it. (If you're wondering, fanservice is another 40%, battles are 15%, and the plot is 5%.) The best thing about the jokes is that they hit the target audience pretty well. I mean, seriously, who watches Needless for the plot? Probably most people saw the yuri fanservice pictures and thought it was something that would be interesting. Why are you looking at me like that? So the jokes also seem to happen on a whim, which works surprisingly well.

That was a rather tasteless joke, but I really can't do anything about it. It was the only one I remembered... If I happen to find a better one, I'll change it.

As for the service, well. All I have to say is that I am extremely disappointed that it was just service. I was so hopeful after the ending animation, too... At any rate, lots of panty shots, lots of 'oh-how-did-my-hand-get-there' shots, and lots of 'we're-fighting-oops-you-blew-away-most-of-my-clothes-except-for-a-few-choice-spots-which-are-only-covered-so-that-we-don't-get-cancelled' shots. There was even that one scene in episode 7... But anyway. Fanservice makes up so much of Needless that if you were to give regular amounts of service, this show would not be noteworthy in any way, shape, or form. That's just how much fanservice is incorporated into Needless.

Gah! Look at that! If the show had been just about this I would have been happy! T_T On another note, can you guess who's my favorite of the three?

Overall, it's pretty good so far. Comedy, service, a little plot, battle scenes... As part of the target audience, I'm pretty happy. So my recommendation is, if you like, comedy, service, battles, and some plot, go ahead and watch Needless! Otherwise, it's pretty much a waste of your time.

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