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2, until I find out otherwise

Geeky As Charged 4

It's time for another Geeky As Charged! And once again, it's related to a movie I watched. Well, most of it is. This is actually going to be a rather packed GAC, because if I don't do these all at once I'll forget about it.

Anyway, I went out with some family and a friend to a sports restaurant place, and the restaurant, of course, had all sorts of screens up showing different games. The screen in front of me had a basketball game, and just when I paid attention to it, it played a slow motion two pointer that swished nicely. And all I could think of was Kuroko no Basket, a manga about, surprisingly, basketball. There's a character in there who can sink a basket from anywhere on court, and I immediately thought about him when I saw that point. It was pretty sad.

I also went to see the new Alice in Wonderland (fantastic movie, by the way). As it is not uncommon to see things based on Alice in Wonderland, I had a hard time not thinking about Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, one of CLAMP's earlier works and surprisingly has no overt or subtextual yaoi in it AND IS RATHER NSFW. (If you want to see the OVAs made, head over here.) It also reminded me of a... well... Um. It is "famous" in the shadier lands, shall we say. >_> But yes, very inappropriate when you're trying to watch Anne Hathaway glide. Er, walk. Be queen-thingy.

What Alice in Wonderland reminded me of the most, though, was a lovely novel by Robin McKinley. Well, two of her novels, actually. Heard of them? Really well written, and almost yuri if not for the pesky fact that the heroines have to have children, and that universe doesn't quite have magic. Anyway, the two novels are The Hero and the Crown and The Blue Sword. Check it out sometime.

And if you want a preview of Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, please, continue.

Really, it isn't safe for work. See ya next time!

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