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Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture Episode 8

I haven't posted anything because of lack of material, but after this episode, I just had to post something. I'm actually not going to put any pictures in this post because: 1) It's late and 2) You must see the cuteness of the microbes yourself. Anyway, spoiler alert, 'k?

Edit: Ara, reprising your role as Asuna-san, eh? (In reference to episode 10, with Kanda Akemi voicing Oikawa.)

Moyashimon is a show about this guy who can see microbes without using any equipment in his first year of agriculture college. It's pretty hilarious, and the microbes are awesome. But if you're just interested in the yuri, that doesn't really matter. What does matter is that in episode 8, there's yuri! Hooray! XD Anyway, I started watching this show after hearing about it from some friends, and I actually saw it hosted at a yuri only website, which was weird. But then I saw episode 8 and all was resolved. I actually prefer the Haruka x Aoi (Hasegawa x Muto) pairing, but any yuri is OK with me. Also, Muto is voiced by the illustrious Noto Mamiko. At this rate, she's going to become a yuri seiyuu favorite, much like Ito Shizuka, Toyoguchi Megumi, and Ogata Megumi. (Respectively, Shimako-sama from Maria-sama ga Miteru, Rei-sama from the same, Sei-sama from the same, and Tenoh Haruka from Sailor Moon S and Sailor Stars.) Well, I say favorites because they're *my* favorites and because they are the people who either have a lot of yuri roles or yuri roles so overpowering I don't pay attention to what else they do...>_> But anyway. Watch Moyashimon! XD

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  1. Searching for episode 6, great live action anime program. I think this is simulcast in the states...