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Hidamari Sketch

'Sup? Long time, no see, eh? Well, this month is sucky for me, so you probably won't be seeing a lot of me. But it's OK! 'Cause I have watched something yuri~ I don't know why it took me this long to watch Hidamari Sketch. I think it was just that by the time I heard about it, 1) I couldn't find any subs, 2) I was busy... somehow, and 3) I found out that SHAFT directed it and was a little leery of them after they DIDN'T DO THE AWESOMEST ARC EVER IN NEGIMA. GAH! SO. ANGRY. AND SAD. I mean, after Xebec absolutely ruined the first season, I thought the second season would be better... Which it was. But it still didn't have the Mahora Budokai arc, which was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I want to see it animated so badly. T_T But anyway! We're talking about Hidamari Sketch. Yes.

Hidamari Sketch is included in the 'everyday life' genre of anime and manga. Which is really not so bad. Somehow. Basically, the story follows four girls who live in the Hidamari Apartments. This building is conveniently across from their school, Yamabuki High. What really differentiates this from other 'everyday life' anime like Azumanga Daioh is that the characters in question are all part of the art program in their school. Not something you see everyday. Well, OK, now we see stuff like this all the time, but only because Hidamari Sketch became so popular! But let's move on to the characters.



I think we don't actually know any surnames in this. Well, except for the teacher, but she comes later. Anyway, the main main character that everyone else seems to revolve around is Yuno. A first year high school student (a sophomore for those in a four year high school), she's... Uh. Kinda boring, actually. I mean, yes, she's nice, and kind, and all those sorts of things, but you really can't say anything about her. She's an only child, so she's envious of her friends who have siblings. And that's about it. Next!


Oh, Miyako, Miyako, Miyako. You are one awesome character. Any way I try to describe you won't do any justice to your character. But let's try, shall we? Miyako is the token airhead in Hidamari Sketch, though Yuno sometimes fights for that title. Yuno and Miyako are in the same grade and class and floor. What a coincidence, eh? She's apparently poor and as such is super concerned with food, as seen above. Well, it isn't like she wants for food, but whenever there is free food, or food in general, she's all for it. And eats it quickly. She's the quirky type of person that I love and she's also super talented in drawing and singing. And being a horse, apparently. She's not a complete airhead, though, as she is nice and stuff like that. But she still can't help teasing our next person.


Damn, the only good picture I liked of Hiro has her hair not in buns. Oops. Well, there'll be a picture of her with buns later. Just wait for it. Anyway, Hiro is a second year at Yamabuki High and lives directly under Yuno. She's the housewife type, which works out well in two ways. One, her VA is Yuki Goto, who I'm pretty sure also did Mikuru in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and is pretty housewife-y in that also. Two, yuri. Which I'll discuss later. Anyway, she's rather worried about her weight, and is seen trying to go on a diet many times. I'm not quite sure it works. I don't think Miyako thinks so either, as she often makes sumo wrestling jokes and then gets hit. I'm sure Miyako'll learn one of these days... Maybe.


Sae is also a second year at Yamabuki and her room is under Miyako's. She's actually a published novelist under the pseudonym 'Tachibana Aya'. The only reason she's taking art is that she feels that the only person to be able to draw what she wants in her novels is herself. As the boy look-a-like character, she surprisingly is not all that tomboy-ish. That title goes to Miyako. It isn't like she's completely bad at sports though. Tennis, for one, is something she's very good at, according to Hiro. She gets surprisingly riled up whenever people talk about dates, and always whenever she is pushed about it, she starts saying things like "Of course I've been on a date! I've been on a hundred already!" or "Yeah, I always go here for a date!" when it is pretty obvious she hasn't. That's just Sae trying to keep her cool upperclassmen points though. She has a little sister who appears only in the anime.


Yuno and Miyako's current teacher and Hiro and Sae's past teacher, she's one of those crazy, over-the-top-but-still-nice teachers kids love. She gets really into cosplay (though she doesn't refer to it as such) and is always in some trouble or other with the principal (also an awesome character, but you really need to see him animated, and I unfortunately do not have a gif of him). Surprisingly, she's a pretty good teacher. Well, when she's not getting scolded by the principal at any rate.

Metapod Ume-sensei

A self-insert of the manga artist. He (she?) doesn't really do anything. I only included him/her for the Metapod joke. XD It really looks like one, doesn't it?


And now onto our yuri! I really only see two pairings, but (on Danbooru at least) apparently people have been mixing things up a bit. Oh well.

Hiro x Sae

The most overt pairing, these two are a pretty good match. Hiro is always worried about Sae, especially when Sae goes into Novelist!mode and forgets to eat. They're always together, and the vibe between them is pretty good. Also, they pretty much always know what's going on with the other. In fact, in one episode, Miyako and Yuno are surprised when Sae says she doesn't know where Hiro is. I like this pairing, because these two are pretty cute with each other. And they have TONS of subtext.

Miyako x Yuno

Not a lot of art for these two by themselves for some reason. I guess I should start looking elsewhere for my images. Anyway, these two are also together all the time and have a good vibe around each other. For some reason, though, I really can't see them as being a couple. Huh. Weird, isn't it?

Well, that's it for me. I really have nothing else to say... Except that I need to start watching the new season. I hear they introduce new characters (and possible yuri). If that is actually true, I guess I'll just have to make another post about it. Well, whatever. As a closing note, I leave you with group pics!

Hey, I actually used all the pics I had in my Hidamari Sketch folder! ...I need more pics for this series... T_T

See you next time!

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