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2, until I find out otherwise

Mini-Aria Post

I'm too tired to do a real Aria post with pictures and stuff at the moment, but I had to vent, so have a mini post!

I've finally finished watching all of Aria. What with Aria the Animation, the Natural, and the Origination, that's a lot of stuff to wade through. Even though it's the same amount of episodes as Nanoha, I feel like I have a quota of 'feeling nice time' that Aria fulfills very quickly, so it took me longer than usual to finish all three seasons. But speaking of that, WHAT AN UNFULFILLING END. Part of it was that the particular version I watched of the last episode was very badly subbed. They need a proof reader or something. Or even a quality checker - a good one - because that was just very, very badly done. The capitalizations were spastic, the ellipses were oddly placed, and most of all, they tried to make the karaoke fancy and ended up making it look tacky. So that was annoying. Also, what the hell? Alicia is going to randomly marry? That makes no sense at all, especially since there was no love interest and no wedding. I'm blaming the subpar subbers. Even wiki says that there's a wedding, so I guess it's not a lie... Anyway, since they don't show that she actually married anybody, I'm pushing that she married Akira. 8D That thought actually made me not hate the last episode so much. Oh well. I'll be back sooner or later with an actual Aria post, so stay tuned! Till next time!

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