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Fandom wins and woes

So, I should be sleeping right now, but instead I'm going to post a little something for you guys. Doesn't this show how much I love you? Please disregard the still in progress post on Sasameki Koto. Today- well, tonight really- was pretty awesome yuri-wise. Not because of any new series or anything. Just, my favorite story EVER got updated today, and it was as awesome as ever. If you know at least a little bit about Negima and if you like Konosetsu, go ahead and check it out. I promise it's worth your time.

While we're on the subject of fandom, I might as well discuss some of my views about fandoms. I'm not going to lie, I'm largely removed from the various fandoms I like. I don't join every possible forum about my favorite pairings or series and, while I do buy the merchandise of my favorite series, I don't obsessively collect everything. I read a lot of fanfiction and try to get my hands on whatever doujin is out there, but my one epic fanfiction masterpiece is still in my head and not on paper. And I'd die trying to draw a doujin. So you could call me a passive fan. But recently, it seems that shipping wars are again growing.

I was lucky when I entered my first fandom. I came into it years after it had been popular, so the shipping wars- if any, actually- were pretty much over and done with. It also helped that I was pretty naive and open-minded and didn't really care who got with who as long as the story was good. I was lucky with the next big fandom too, as the major shipping war in that fandom had also largely vanished to the backburners (though of course there were a few battles here and there still raging). In one of my more recent fandoms, though, it seems that the war is going to come back. And that brings me to my main thought: Why can't people block themselves from reading something they don't like?

I've read of plenty of stories where authors get flamed just for writing a pairing that the flamer doesn't like. Why does this happen? I mean, really, it's not like you, as a reader, are compelled and must read every single story in the fandom. And while I can understand getting angry if the author intentionally mislabels his/her stories as one pairing when in reality it is another, most of the time the author clearly states about which pairing the story is written. It really irritates me that people in the fandom will flame an author just for writing something they don't like when it's the fan's fault for reading it in the first place. That's like getting a cleaver with a clear warning sign about how dangerous it is, purposefully chopping off a body part or something, and then trying to sue the maker of the cleaver for your injury. How stupid is that? And then it makes the rest of the fandom look stupid too. So I just want to say to the people who do this: Fuck you and I hope you get a lobotomy or some other gruesome death. You are the people that make fandoms look bad and you are the reason that shipping wars happen. Go take your Helen-of-Troy acts somewhere else, and GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FANDOM.


This is what happens when I don't get my sleep and instead trawl the internets. So now I will sleep and hopefully that post I've been promising will finally come out. Orz Also, a small image to keep you company:

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