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Needless 24

This'll just be a short little post, no pictures or anything.

Oh, yeah, and SPOILER ALERT. Just to let you know.

So, apparently Needless ended. I only say apparently since it's at ep 24 when most seasons of this size are 26, but it has a very 'ending' feel to it. We'll see if anything else happens. I've already written a post about Needless, so if you haven't read that already, click on the 'Needless' tag and read up on what I've said. Instead, this post'll be about the ending itself. Little to no yuri, sadly. The Shoujo Butai Squad or whatever they're called is mostly dismantled but running a cafe. But what I really want to talk about is Cruz's older sister. (For those of you who don't remember, Cruz is called Yamada by mostly everyone else.) And I just want to say that I reaaaaaaaaally want to pair her up in yuri ways. >_> I know she liked Arclight (not as much as the psychokinesis lady THANK GOODNESS *shudders* That was definite DO NOT WANT moment), but still. I really, really want to see that. >_>

In other news, though, the Needless specials will probably have a high level of yuri. Cruz is supposed to infiltrate a girls school for whatever reason. And BAM! Yuri. You can see it coming from a mile away. Well, that and harem and good ol' pantyshots, but that's beside the point. There will be Yuri, especially when the animators used such a suggestive first ending. (Note: NSFW) I'm slightly looking forward to that, but not really because Cruz's older sister most likely won't be there the yuri will be just fanservice and there will be no actual yuri. Except that doesn't make much sense because most yuri in anime is fanservice. Orz Oh well. We'll just leave that alone, shall we? Now, off to watch more Yuri fanservice!

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