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Today's yuri level is:

2, until I find out otherwise


All right, now that finals is over, it's back to business! Today's post is going to be about Canaan! And no, not the religious place. The fourth BeeTrain girls-with-guns anime! Yay~ Today's post comes with pictures because people apparently like them. 8D


Canaan is one of the main characters, of course. She's the guns for some secret government agency or something. Synesthesia, which is in the real world the ability to link senses, is somehow used as a super ultra awesome weapon enhancer, so Canaan is super ultra awesome because of her synesthesia. (Don't ask me. I don't know either.) Her backstory's weird. Apparently, some mercenary guy or something went around destroying stuff and picking up orphans he thought would suit his needs. And every time he picks one up, he names them 'Canaan,' meaning 'Land of Hope' which is helpfully told to the viewers many times in the series. Luckily, we only meet one other Canaan...

Alphard Alshua, a.k.a. Canaan

Alphard is the other Canaan that we meet in the show. She's the head of the terrorist organization called 'The Snakes.' Strangely though, her goal isn't terror. Not really. What she wants most is to see the ultimate weapon that the mercenary guy was trying to create and who turns out to be Canaan. So the entire show is pretty much about her picking on her, which kinda sucks. It's OK though. While she has a totally worthless cause like that, the main terrorist mantle falls upon...

CRAZY BITCH and her little lapdog

She has a real name. I don't remember what it is. But this girl is definitely crazy. She got picked up by Alphard (or Canaan #1, if you prefer to call her that) after she left the mercenary guy and has stuck with her ever since. This somehow gives her the power to call Alphard her older sister. What makes her crazy is that she's a sadist. And she's in love with Alphard. Like, crazy in love. (Sorry about that pun, couldn't help it. >_>) And because she's crazy in love, she gets super jealous. When Alphard starts focusing on Canaan, she goes ballistic and does all sorts of stupid things to prove that she's better. Or something. And while we're talking about romantic partners...

Maria Osawa

She's the one that doesn't look like Canaan. XD Anyway, she's a photographer friend of Canaan. I don't remember how they met, because that flashback was in one of the earlier episodes that I recall badly, but it had something to do with diseases. Or something. Anyway, she's the helpless I-don't-want-to-hurt-anyone type that Awesome Badass girls like Canaan seem to pick up like lint. Which is not to say that Maria is like lint! Not at all! In fact, she's pretty smart, which makes me like her ever so much more than Meg in Burst Angel (and look at how many similarities there are here, eh?). Of course, because she's smart, we don't have the epic yuri ending that I was waiting for. Dammit!

Speaking of yuri, there are two... No, three main yuri couples in this.

Maria x Canaan

First off is Maria x Canaan. These guys are so in tune, it isn't funny. In fact, towards the end, when Maria is stuck in a train next to a bomb and Canaan is off fighting Alphard, she says that she doesn't need to worry about Maria because she can still sense her kindness. And GOD I hated that part. I was all, go save her! But wait, you have to kick the shit out of Alphard! Nooo, what will happen?! It was stressful. They also get this one scene where they basically say, "I want to stay with you forever and ever and ever and ever and-"

...Well, OK. Maybe not like that. But it was a very touching scene!

Canaan x Canaan or Alphard x Canaan or Canaan squared

Of course there's also the requisite BA-Girls-Should-Go-Together pairing, as seen here. (More info about that will probably be written about if I do a Madlax post. Maybe. >_>) It isn't very plausible, as Canaan sees Alphard's color as white, which to her signifies death. Also, I'm pretty sure Alphard was in love with the mercenary guy. Or at least had 'strong feelings' for him. Or this could just be my wanting Maria and Canaan to get together reaaaaaaally badly.

The last couple is Alphard x Crazy Bitch. And Crazy Bitch dies in the end. Pairing over. XD

That's about it for Canaan! Oh, and because I happened to have this picture, here's another character:

Comic Relief Girl

See ya next time!


  1. omg i loled and managed to focuss to read all of this xD thank you D8
    and yeah im still loling, i love your humor and ranting o_o very edumacational i got what i needed to final get whatever the crap was going on that series XD i want maria and canaan to have the whole happy ending TT----TT
    kk im done xD thank youuuuuu! <3

  2. Alphard/Canaan owns Canaan/Maria imo :\