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Love Shuffle

Yo, hisashiburi. Or something like that. I am ashamed to say that my resolution to have semi-regular updates has already been broken. Orz It hasn't even been a month yet... Indeed, I am a failure.

But rather than get into depressing matters, let's talk about my 'latest' craze. Thanks to the recommendation of a friend of mine (you know who you are), I was directed to a J-drama. Now I know what you might be thinking. Besides 'pie.' Or 'Pfft, like she could ever read my mind.' The truth is, I can't. I've just always wanted to say that phrase. "Orz Anyway, the drama is Love Shuffle! Yay, panda!


Love Shuffle follows the story of four couples with problems in the love aspect. Simple, ne? The story starts out with four people who live on the same floor of an apartment building getting stuck in the elevator during a blackout. With nothing else to do, the four begin to bond, and eventually it is revealed that all of them have some sort of love problem, one in particular, the other two not so much. Luckily, there just happens to be a psychiatrist in that lot, and he suggests that they try to solve their problems. Each person would bring their partner, and then switch partners with each other, thus giving us the Love Shuffle. The 10 episodes then go into detail about the different relations that occur among everyone.


For such an odd plot, the show itself was really not so bad. This is mostly because of the characters. I won't deny that the script was good, but the characters really allowed the script to shine. As said in this post and most everything else as well, the chemistry between all the characters was great. What's also great about this show is that, at least in terms of het, you can really swap anybody around and they'd end up being at least a good couple. There's also yaoi not-so-much subtext and yuri very-much-so subtext. But we'll skip all that and go to the yuri, since this is, after all, mostlya yuri blog.

If you haven't seen this show before, please either go watch it or at least look at the linked post from before. I'm too tired to go back and get the perfect picture for everyone, so that will have to do. But onto pairings!

Aiai x Mei

This is the most overt yuri you're going to get in this show, and it's really just them talking. I lied. This is the most yuri you're going to get. But that's for later... Maybe. But yes. Apparently, Mei and Aiai knew each other from high school, having joined the same basketball club. Aiai doesn't remember but Mei is firm in her belief that it is the same person, so we should be OK. Of the girls side, Aiai and Mei spend the most time with each other compared to the other two. As a pairing, there's little you can really do with it, because Aiai ends up falling in love with the guy that Mei used to love and was engaged to marry. There was this great part, though, where one of them says something about doing something fun together. It's later revealed to be karaoke, but we can dream, can't we?

Other pairings

...Oh? I seem to have forgotten anything good. Except for this. Whoops. Oh well.

And that's it! Look forward to another post soon...! Well, maybe. *is entering examination hell period*


Because of how pretty she looks. The line 'No Pan-da!' that comes directly afterward has nothing to do with it. Really. >>

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