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The iDOLM@STER 20 Summary/Picspam

So, I just watched iDOLM@STER episode 20, which anybody who kinda sorta follows my Twitter or Tumblr will easily be able to see, since I just spammed both. Unfortunately, Blogspot doesn't have a 'post-to-other-platforms-too' function that I know of, so I'll just put a main overview here.


This episode is basically Chihaya's backstory, which is awesome. Mostly because Haruka was running around trying to make Chihaya feel better. From last ep, Kuroi-shachou's paparazzi man took a picture of Chihaya and her mom in front of her little brother's grave, which then got splashed into magazines everywhere. The reason it's a big deal is that the accompanying article was basically blaming Chihaya for the death of her brother. While Chihaya is content to pretty much ignore it - from a professional standpoint - things fall apart when she can't sing for always remembering her brother.

After trying for a couple more times, they (Chihaya and Haruka and the producer too :/) find that it's a psychological block preventing Chihaya from singing. And then Chihaya says "I can't do this anymore" and locks herself in her apartment. I could go into a big essay about how sad this is because Chihaya is preventing herself from singing, something she loves, by making her goal in singing to hold up her memory of her brother, but that'd get a bit too long.

Anyway, the rest of the ep plays out with Haruka and then the other girls banding together and getting Chihaya to go to the concert and finally to Chihaya being able to sing again.

What I really liked about this episode was the minima amount of Producer. It really puts the focus more on the girls rather than as a semi-hidden dating sim type of thing. If only they did this for the other episodes... Like the Yayoi one. I also liked how Chihaya's mother appeared, though not how she didn't do anything. D< I mean, it's understandable, but she should've at least tried.... Oh well, it got me some Chihaya x Haruka in the end, so I'm all good.

Aaand that's it! I'll try to do this more often, but this entire thing basically took about an hour what with stopping every few seconds to post on Tumblr/Twitter and then writing this out, so posting like this might not happen on a regular basis.

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