Yuri Level of the Day!

Today's yuri level is:

2, until I find out otherwise

Dogeza... m(_ _)m

What's this? It's been six months since I last posted? Nonse-


HAI GAIZ, GUESS WHO'S BACK. Or rather, guess who is finally getting off her lazy butt and actually posting. Yeah, that's right. It's me. Orz

I feel like we go through this process a lot. Which is probably because we do. Well, let me explain. Aside from being a blog about yuri, this was also a chance for me to not just lurk. Which I have been failing miserably at. All I can say is that changing yourself is hard. And takes a while. So while I want to change, that won't happen right off the bat. But I'll keep trying! So for now, you guys'll have to read my ridiculously late season reviews.

Or maybe I just have writer's block.

Oh, but! I'm not completely inactive. It's just writing blog posts. If you're looking for something more random, more up to date, and more broad, I do have Twitter! It's just to your right, look, look! I generally tweet while I watch series, so you can see just how little I'm watching this season so you can get a play by play of what I think about while watching something. Please be warned that my Twitter feed is not completely about anime, as seen in the explosion of tweets when Eurovision came around...

But what has Suraki been watching? Well, not a lot. Of course, my yuri goggles are still in place, but there hasn't been something that hasn't needed high power. At least out of the things I've watched so far. I will warn you that I have been sucked into J-drama and Tokusatsu recently, so there may or may not be more posts involving that. But that's enough from me!

Suraki, signing off!

Oh, I guess this is a yuri blog, so... Here you go!

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  1. For any other strange strange people who happen to lurk here and may have been mildly disappointed by the broken image, you can view it here.